Signs that you are just his hookup partner


Although we all know that when someone likes us, but sometimes we would block ourselves from the signs that we are only considered as a very small part of someone’s life. To get what they want from you, people might tell you what they think you need to hear. They are very good at playing emotional games and let you believe that their intentions are pure and good, but actually they are full of bullshit. For people who only want to find a hookup partner, regardless of your gender, no one would stop you and even change your opinion. However, for people like me who are looking for true love and someone to spend the rest of my life with, we truly hope we can find something real. I would like to make a list to know a man when he only sees you as a tinder hookup partner.

He never introduces you to his friends or family. If you are just someone he will be with for a short period of time, why would he introduce you to his family or friends. It’s just not necessary. Just try to think if it were you, would you introduce someone you only sleep with to your friends? Never! They are not worth it. They are going to leave your life sooner or later. As for the time limits, from my perspective, if you have been going out with this guy for one month and he hasn’t once talked about meeting his friends, you are probably just his temporary bbw hookup partner.

He never talks about future and never uses word like marriage, commitment, relationship, exclusive, child, or even future. It’s not worthy of the time to talk about future and plans with someone you are not going to be with for a very long time or do not have the intention to be with for a long time. I wouldn’t do it anyway. If he really likes you, he should be anxious to picture many things that he wants to do with you. He would make long-term plans, not just going to a movie tomorrow or staying in his apartment this evening.

He hardly texts or calls, unless he is in a good mood. When he reaches you, he will do it in his own way. If you call, he hardly answers, unless you are proposing for an intimate contact. Men are very simple-headed creatures actually. You can totally tell anything from his reaction. If they like someone, they would act like it and if they don’t, they won’t even try, or they are not able to pretend to be. If he is really thinking about you all the time, he would contact you all the time from morning to night. If you are deemed as his short-term partner, he won’t waste too much time on you.

He tells you directly that he don’t want or is not ready for a BBW dating relationship. This tells everything itself, right?