The First Step of Pursue a Guy


If you have a crush on a man and you think he is excellent. Maybe he has outstanding appearance, good family and beautiful heart, so you don't want to miss this boy. You're confused because you find yourself not good at flirting with guys. If you have the above situation, I think you should stop quietly and have a good look at this article. Last year, I had a similar situation with a very good BBW girl named Rose. She told me that she had a boy whom she liked very much. She known him on a curvy dating site or hookup app. 

At the beginning, she was just curious about what it was like to make friends online, but fortunately, she really found a good boy. She found that guy looked good and loved sports. The key was that she fond that the boy also likes reading detective stories. So she got up the courage to talk to the boy. The longer she talked, the better she felt about the boy, so she asked me if there was any good way to flirt with him. I will share a story of myself and hope you can see something from it.

The key is that you should understand as long as the girls take the initiative, there will be stories with the guy you like. I once pursue a boy in college and the boy was cold and didn't like to talk. But because his appearance and figure were my ideal type, I started to take action soon. Because I saw him playing tennis on the tennis court, I went to the tennis court every day and hope to meet him again. 

Then, if he came, I would sit in my seat and watched him play tennis. If he didn’t come, I would sit near a friend he knows and discuss his topic with my friend, so that his friend would know that I had a crush on him. Of course, at this time, it was very important to have a good friend to chat with you. Don't forget to help this girl. Then I did this for a week. Finally, I got up the courage to buy a bottle of water for the boy. Yes, it was just a bottle of water. I asked him if he wanted to drink water as I thought he was hot after sports. 

He looked at me and he didn’t say anyting, then his friend helped him get the water. Yes, this was the first step to success. I know he had impressed with me now. After delivering the water, I left. Of course, I turned back and gave him a smile. I seem to see him stupefied, aha. Therefore, girls should not be afraid to take the initiative, as long as you take the initiative, I think at least you get half of the success.

If you really like it, you can flirt with him immediatle. But you should also notice that after a girl gives a signal to a boy, it's time that you should let the boy say likes firstly.